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Old Dump Truck. Image by W.C. Black and Sons, Inc.

About Our Company


Residential and Commercial Services - Hauling, Site Work, Demolition, and More


W.C. Black and Sons, Inc. is a family owned and operated small business. Our family has run this company for over 35 years and it is currently operated by our third generation (Grandson of W.C. Black). We are a state licensed General Contractor, we are Insured, and SBE certified with the City of Charlotte and NCDOT. During our time in business, we have achieved vast experience in Grading, Excavating, Land Clearing, Demolition, and Hauling operations within the Charlotte Metro Area and throughout both North and South Carolina. We have operated private land fills, performed emergency clean-up operations during natural disasters, provided site work services for custom home builders, completed clearing, excavating, and grading projects for government agencies, hauled all types of soil, sand, and aggregate, demolished hundreds of residential and commercial structures, and so much more. Our expertise in the Earth Moving, Demolition, and Hauling industries has earned us a solid reputation for reliability and honesty within the communities in which we work. W.C. Black and Sons is focused on providing high quality solutions designed to meet the exact needs of each client we serve. It is our philosophy, to provide the same quality of service to our customers, that we would expect ourselves. We are able to provide this level of service due to our knowledge, experience, and well trained personnel.


Our story began with our grandfather Willie Clarence Black. In 1947, after returning stateside from distinguished service in the United States Army in World War 2, WC bought an old truck and started a hauling company in Marion, North Carolina. After five years, he began hauling freight for several companies and continued to do so until early 1978.



Our current generation learned how to operated heavy equipment at an early age. They acquired the skillset necessary to complete site work services of all types, on all terrains, and in each discipline required. In 2005, our current generation assumed control of the day to day operations of the company. Since 2005, our management team has employed several methodologies to increase efficiency and enhance company capabilities, while improving productivity and decreasing downtime.


In 2008, we began offering and conducting limited Junk and Refuse Removal Services in and around the Charlotte Metro area for both residential and commercial clients. This service complements our already existing hauling services and was an excellent addition to our available services offered.


In 2013, in efforts to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and improve performance, our company began updating equipment with the goal of reducing downtime and maximizing productivity on demolition projects. Advanced telematics now allow our staff to monitor select machines and view performance and operational data remotely in efforts to keep equipment running at peak condition and therefore enabling projects to be completed on time and or with reduced delays.



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