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Charlotte Demolition Contractors, W.C. Black and Sons, Inc., demolishing an old Gas Station with an excavator in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte Demolition Contractor


W.C. Black and Sons, Inc.


W.C. Black and Sons, Inc. is a state licensed general contractor specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial demolition services within the Charlotte Metro Area and throughout the Carolinas. We have over 35 years experience in the site work, demolition, and hauling industries, and have developed an excellent reputation within each community we work.


Our company has performed hundreds of successful demolition projects of various shapes, sizes, and complexity for both residential and commercial clients. We have worked in some of the most challenging situations imaginable. Our team has removed structures with zero lot lines as close as two and a half feet from adjoining structures with no damage. We have demolished both single and multi-family residential structures as well as commercial structures such as barbershops, churches, apartments, schools, loading docks, and more.



Our demolition debris removal capabilities are among the best in Charlotte. Our trucking and trailer fleet is well maintained and specifically suited to our unique requirements. Our heavy equipment is maintained in house, reducing project delays, and enables peak performance on-site.

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Charlotte Demolition Contractor loads demolition debris with CASE Excavator. Image by W.C. Black and Sons, Inc.
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